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Approximately 50% of Nova Research staff members possess Doctoral level degrees, and the majority of our personnel possess advanced degrees.

Nova Research maintains an active and ongoing recruiting effort for exceptional scientists who wish to do basic and applied research. If you have a background in fields listed below, and are seeking an opportunity to conduct basic and applied research in these fields, Nova Research would like to hear from you.

As all of our activities are performed on site at U.S. Department of Defense sites we regret that we are not able to consider applications from individuals who are not U.S. Citizens. As all positions will require the ability to obtain a security clearance, they are limited to U.S. Citizens who are capable of meeting the requirements of a Government background check.

Candidates at all levels (B.S., M.S., Postdoctoral and senior Ph.D.) with the following educational backgrounds are encouraged to submit their resumes for consideration:

     Analytical Chemistry
   Instrumentation Specialists
   Chemical Sensors
   Surface Science
   Chemical Synthesis for Nanotechnology Applications
   Environmental Chemistry
   Liquid Crystal and Lipid Chemistry
     Molecular Biology
   Environmental Biology
 Materials and Engineering Sciences
     MEMS/NEMS and Related Microfabrication Technologies
   Electrical Engineering (Instrument Design & Prototyping)
   Mechanical Engineering Design and Testing
   Finite Element Modeling
   Smart Materials and Structures
   Display Technologies
   Device Processing and Engineering

     Nova Research, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The Company offers competitive salaries and a truly exceptional benefits program. Please submit resume and contact information.